is no more

So is no more.  I wrote all that stuff about brewing beer and was getting a pretty decent following.  When my domain was up for renewal, I put off renewing it for a week or so and a brewing company bought out the domain name before I could blink.
I was getting tired of the name, anyway, but  I really doubt that a domain with a made up word that I’ve used as my internet name for the past six years is going to do much for them.  Must have been some automated system that told them that was a good buy.  Anyway, I was going to make a transition to this name eventually and just forward from the old one, but it looks like I’ll have to start from scratch, instead.
Welcome to the new site.

UPDATE: I found a bunch of my old articles on the WayBack Machine! So, the best ones are now added as if they never left. I also bought the domain back, finally, though it just redirects here. The brewing company that bought it wasn’t getting any use out of the name after buying it, so they finally abandoned it.

2 thoughts on “ is no more”

  1. Unluckiness. I was backing up the hard drive I kept all of my website backups on in preparation for a new set of hard drives and a pin came out of the circuit board along with the soldering point. It was an important pin and the hard drive is now sitting in a drawer waiting for me to decide if I want to buy a replacement pcb and revive it or just throw it out. I believe I have a secondary backup of the outline I originally made for why your grandma is stupid, but I’d have to do significant digging to find it. If I can find it, I’ll definitely put it back up.

  2. so glad i found you here! it has been a while since i searched Eumaledictio for useless facts, but when i needed it it was there! (like pussy doodles, for example)
    any chance you might load all your old stuff onto this site? i wanted to review whether or not my grandma was stupid, but there’s no way of telling now.

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